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Classes:Dragon Slayer,Jungle Ranger,Magic Controller


1.The Class default is Dragon Slayer. Please select the class that you want, when creating a character, there is no character class change option. If you choose the wrong class, you will need to make a new character on another server or create a new account.

2.The character introduction will be changed when you click on a different class.

3.Character Name:
1.The Player can fill in the character name what he likes to join game.
2.If a player selects another class, they should fill in the character name again if they have already chosen a name for their character.
3.If random name is clicked, the player will get a new character name that is generated by the game.
4.Please fill in new character name if system says the character name already exists. Try not to use a similar name to a existing character in game. Deliberately doing this is against the rules.


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