Auto-Play interface
Auto play Interface introduction

1.Open interface: quick button: shift+Z

2.Medicine settings
Adjust percent of character HP and MP for auto using HP and MP refilling
Select from small to large or large to small medicine first

3.Auto-Pick set ( other settings
Auto pick up gear quality drops from monsters and combat
Auto pick up medicine while using auto-play
Auto Pick all items once select Auto pick any items while auto-play is enabled
Auto Pick other items (include kinds of Gem) while using auto play
Auto repair armor and weapons between combat if durability is below 10 points
Auto revive if player dies during combat ( will use gold if no revive items are in bag)

4.Time and range
Maximum auto-play time is 240 minutes.
The maximum battle range is 50 meters range from player

5.Start auto-play , stop auto-play
Click Z to start auto-play
Click Z again to stop auto-play


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