Warriors Arena
Fire&Ice battlefield introduction

1.Access via arena manager

2.Require Level >=40 Level

3.Time: 20:30-21:00. System will remind all players 10 minutes before battle start.

4.The players can guard their camp guard to win score points.

5.Player can win scores by killing opposition players.

6.Player also can win score points by killing opponents guards.

7.Either party cam win battle once they get enough score points.

8.The number of players in Fire&Ice battlefield is capped at 200 players: Fire camp: Max 100 players , Ice camp Max 100 players.

9.Hero Ranking: the player with the highest score in arena.

10.Dead players have 15 seconds CD to respawn and will respawn in own camp after CD time is over. Players will get Ignore any damage buff for 20 seconds after respawn.

11.Battle Rules:
1.The party which gets 1000 score will win the battle.
2.If no camp reaches 1000 score, higher score camp will be judged the winner.
3.Number of kills will decide whom wins the battle if two sides have same score.
4.If two sides scores and number of kills, are both the same, then the side which has the fewer team members, will win.
5.If two sides scores, number of kills, number of team members are the same, then the side that has the highest ranking player, will win.


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