Enhance Gear

Interface introduction:

1.Open interface:
Quick button Q or main game interface Gear sign

2.Enhance consumes Fire Ice Gems when enhance is clicked
Different gear requires different Fire Ice gems

3.Combine ( gem bonus )
Three same level Gems can be combined to make a higher level Gem of the same type.

Select one gear from body or bag
Click Gem in bag to embed in gem slot. .
A Gem Removal Scroll is needed to remove Gem from gear.

1)Stage 1 Gear can not be refined.
2)Increase one additional attribute every time gear rank is upgraded one level.
3)Stats are randomly generated. Only original stats can be locked, click replace to make new stats into original stats.
4)Normal refine: consume 4000 copper coins each time Refine is clicked
5)Magic stones are required to refine gear. Magic stones can refine a color quality equal to and lower than the color of the stone.

1) Click on Item to identity
2) Click on Blessing stone
3) Quality of item and stats are generated each time Identify button is clicked

7.Shift Star
1)Click on item to transfer stars from
2)Click on item to transfer stars to
3)Click on shift star to transfer enhancement level

1)Select gear to be spilt into items

1)Click to embed gems in gear
2)Removing gems requires a Gem Removal Scroll

1)Lower level gems can be combined to create higher level gems


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